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A Humane Solution to Getting, and Keeping

Unwanted Wildlife Out of Your Home or business.


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Wildlife Removal from homes and businesses in Napa, Solano, and Lake Counties of Northern California.




Do you hear noises in your attic or walls? Do you have Varmits, Critters, Nuisance Four Legged Pests, Pesky Wildlife, Unwanted Wild Animals  living in your shed, garage, under your deck, or in your bedroom? Do you want them OUT? We can help solve your problem by EVICTING them and offering the necessary measures to ensure they won't come back.

It doesn't matter what

you call them,

But it absolutely matters who you call

to get rid of them.

Before you call a trapper, an exterminator, Pest control,

Animal Control, or any other service,


Wildlife Out

(707) 253-1844

Wildlife Out is a locally owned and operated exclusion service located in beautiful Napa, California.  We humanely Self Remove (exclude) unwanted animals from your home or business in Solano, Napa, and Lake Counties, and will consider others. Over 13 years of expertise and knowledge of wildlife behavior allows us to handle and care for raccoons, skunks, opossums, foxes, squirrels, bats, and birds appropriately during their transition out of your home and into their own. After the eviction process, all animals are safely released back to find a more wild home. We have spent many years developing carpentry and  fabrication skills, creativity, and tools to get the critters out, and have them stay out. We will clean up any mess that the invaders may have left, and repair any damages caused to your home, or property.


Our WIN-WIN-WIN method of Self Removal involves predator scent "EVICTION NOTICES", combined with closing of all animal access points, to deter the family from coming back, and keep other critters from moving in.

     1) You win due to the successful Self Removal of the animal(s),

     2) The animal wins because it is not killed, injured in a trap, or separated from its family, and

     3) We win your business.


WE DO NOT TRAP!!!!  In California the law is very clear under the California Dept of Fish & Game code:



-The trapper must either euthanize a trapped animal or release it immediately on site. Trapping and relocating of wildlife is prohibited. Title 14 CCR Sect. 465.5 (1)


-If you are looking to hire a trapper to trap raccoons, skunks, foxes or other wildlife you must obtain written consent from all neighbors within 150 yards of your residence.  The trapper must carry this written consent at all times.  Title 14 CCR Sect. 465.5 (g)(3)


We do everything in our power to keep the animals involved, homeowners, and technicians safe and uninjured in the process, and all animal families stay together once evicted.


    Wildlife removal service for raccoons, opossums, fox, squirrels, bats, owls, and skunkswildlife removal service doing custom rock work. keeping unwanted wildlife out of your house.  skunks, raccoons, fox, owls, opossums, squirrels.custom rock work and hardware screening to keep skunks out of house.  Wildlife removal and exclusionThis picture shows a huge hole under a garage that was an access point for a family of skunks.Here you see the same hole after our exclusion team rebuilt the crumbled portion of the rock wall to give a good anchor point for the hardware mesh.Finally, you see the same hole after our exclusion team sealed off the access.  Now no entry for any pests, varmits, or unwanted wildlife... including the family of skunks.|<<<>>>|3 - 3

Contact us at (707) 253-1844 to make an appointment for an inspection of your property.  Our prices are competitively determined to help keep the cost as low as possible.  We will provide you with a plan of action and an estimate that will be significantly below the cost of an exterminator.  It is important to us to HUMANELY remove the wildlife that we work very hard to keep wild, in the wild.

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