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A Humane Solution to Getting, and Keeping

Unwanted Wildlife Out of Your Home or business.


Chad and Angela Zierenberg:

Wildlife Technicians

(707) 253-1844


Wildlife Removal from homes and businesses in Napa, Solano, and Lake Counties of Northern California.



If you have wildlife that is healthy but unwelcomly visiting, living in, or damaging your home or business, then Wildlife Out can help.

Animals and humans often occupy the same territories creating issues in living conditions.  The above selectable tabs show several kinds of animals Wildlife Out deals with.  By clicking on each tab you will open the associated page containing information describing each animal, some of the issues between us and them, and hopefully give you a better impression as to what is making all that racket in your home or business.  The following are common questions that we frequently get.  The answers that go along with each question will be found within the content of each of the above tabs:


What do they look like?


Where are they typically found in a home or business?


What would I hear if one (or more) was in my home?


What time of the year would you have an issue with each animal?


What diseases are associated with each animal?


What can I do to get rid of them?



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